Fibreglass Worktops

Our beautiful fibreglass worktops are individually designed and manufactured to your specific requirements at an amazingly affordable price.


Why Fibreglass worktops for your kitchen and bathroom?

Ask yourself the question “why". Traditionally used in aircraft manufacture and speedboats because of its strength and resistance, fibreglass is easily maintained because scratches can also be polished out and can be fully repaired if a major accident has occurred. 


Over the years, we have developed a unique manufacturing process which enables us to give a lifetime guarantee. It also means that the colour of your worktop will NEVER wear away.


Totally seamless with no joints at all.



In fact, we are so confident that your work surface will outlast your desire for a design change or the life of the other components that make up your kitchen or bathroom, that we offer a lifetime gaurantee.


Because your worktop will be manufactured in one seamless piece, you don't have the issue of seams and joints.


It is totally waterproof and there is no need for silicon or grouting on the edges. 


Bespoked shaped basins, sinks etc. Sinks can be integrated as well as moulded.


Any shape at all! – soft curved edges, high splash backs, undulating surfaces.


Design considerations

There is no restriction on what can be created. Any RAL colour can be used. Our unique manufacturing process ensures that your chosen colour will NEVER wear away. We can make your worktop look and feel like marble, granite or stone as well as other manmade surfaces, such as Corian, often at 1/3rd of the price!. Paint effects can be recreated. For example, a Jackson Pollock painting or a Paisley pattern. Images and items, up to 2mm thick can be incorporated into the surface of your worktop. All we need from you is your planned layout. 


Bespoke shaped basins and sinks, created to your design, can be integrated as well as moulded in any shape and you can have any configuration of splashback. For example, soft curved edges, high splash backs or undulating surfaces. Even individual elements can be created as part of the worktop, such as a splash back that curls back on upon itself to form a shelf with integrated holes to hold toothbrushes or kitchen knives.


One factor you need to consider is the overall dimensions of your worktop. We will normally create your worktop as a single piece in our factory. prior to order, you (or your kitchen or bathroom fitter) should ensure that access can be gained to its final installation point. If not, we would manufacture in separate pieces and complete the seamless joining onsite. Please note, fitting is not included unless specified. 


Perfect in every detail


Ready to order?

We will work with you or your designer, kitchen or bathroom shop or fitter to develop your design concept. Once a design has been developed and approved by you, it will be the responsibility of your designer or fitter to create a template which we can work with. Your fitter will then be responsible for the fitting of your worktop as well as any minor alterations that may be required onsite. If required, we are happy to discuss the design, ordering, manufacturing and installation process with your designer or fitter. An additional cost will be charged for a site visit.



How to order?

If your designer, kitchen or bathroom shop or fitter have never worked with us before please ask them to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the design, ordering, manufacturing and installation process with them.


If you do require a site visit we would need to charge this at cost in addition to the price of your worktop. Your designer or fitter will inform you of the cost prior to your acknowledgement for the site visit to be carried out.


Manufactured as a single piece



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