Outdoor entertaining

The brief was to create an outdoor entertaining space that was big enough to entertain the children and grand-children whilst also creating a magical feel for the grand-children.


We initially drew up various designs and plans from which one was selected.


The first task was to remove two existing sheds, hack back the old rendering from the rear of the house and then rerender.


After clearing the area, an entertaining garden building was constructed with decking to be laid surrounding it.
Posts are concreted in together with structural beams laid.
The rear of the house is prepared for new rendering and a privacy fence is constructed.
The finishing touches are applied.
New rendering is created to add to the freshness of the installation.
Every aspect of the project is discussed in detail with the client, from the direction of the decking board to the style of the rope etc.
Attention to detail is applied throughout.
Premium grade materials are used throughout.
Perfect combining and finishing is achieved throughout.
A new imprinted concrete driveway is laid in the front.

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