Groundworks on a gradient

The majority of gardens are not level like a bowling green. Gradients exist which in some cases can render a part of the garden unusable. Practical solutions can be developed and implemented which effectively extend the area of usability of a garden. This can either be excavating into the slope or built out. Eitherway plans are drawn up showing possible solutions that add to the beauty of a garden.



To create this usuable space we dug into the hill and installed structural supporting timber sleepers interlocked with reinforcing iron bars and timber locks which were placed on a concrete bed. A timber sleeper framework was constructed up to 750mm high, infilled with compacted MOT Type 1 and finished off with a 100mm thick fibre reinforced concrete top. 


In addition we ran underground service utilities to the building for the subsequent installation of a cloakroom and kitchenette with hot water supply. 





Our service includes carrying out site surveys and drawing up plans showing various ideas illustrating how gradients are to be incorporated into an installation or project. In this particular instance part of the design was incorporating a 10' x 10' patio in front of the garden building together with wrap around steps.





Small patio to front for a small table and two chairs with steps running down the side following the fall of the ground.



The ground was excavated with a retaining timber sleeper wall around two sides and a brick wall constructed along one side incorporating steps running down to the driveway.



My Bespoke Solutions is not just about bricks and mortar. We're very much aware that we're building our customers' future. My Bespoke Solutions has experience in a wide range of landscapoing projects. Want to incorporate a garden building, a swim spa or an outdoor entertainment space? Contact us to get a quotation today.



Creation of a timber decking round plinth together with steps leading up into the garden building.



Decking steps and patio following the garden gradient.



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